Zipper Hoodies VS Pullover Hoodies – Let’s Settle The Debate!

pullover vs zipper hoodies

The debate over zipper hoodies vs pullover hoodies is recurrent and has been going on for decades. While both the proponents and the opponents have their fair arguments for supporting zip-up hoodies vs pullover hoodies, there has been no consensus on which hoodie takes the lead.

Agreeably, there is a prominent difference between zipper and pullover hoodies, which is well-acknowledged. However, at the end of the day, when you have to choose between the two, the decision narrows down to an individual’s personal preference.

Therefore, if you want to be well-informed and know all the pros and cons of zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies, read through our article to gain an in-depth insight into your ultimate choices!

Exploring The Difference Between Zipper And Pullover Hoodies


When it comes to zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies, a pullover is a classic and iconic style. We’d say that a pullover hoodie in itself is a completely styled look that can (depending on the hoodie) be a suitable attire pick for a casual and formal occasion. 

You can alter the look of your zipper and pullover by adding on more clothes, such as throwing in a leather jacket above a plain black pullover hoodie to style it a bit differently and to radiate chicness from your look. 

However, with a zipper, it is a compulsion to wear something underneath the zip-up as you cannot only wear a zipper. Therefore, this particular aspect, contrary to a pullover hoodie, puts the zipper hoodie in a more casual category than formal. Don’t forget to view of our styles of zipper hoodies wholesale

There is something about the zipper: no matter how hard you try or how you style it, it gives a casual look, and one can be outcasted if wearing a zip-up hoodie to an otherwise formal occasion. 

Considering the style of zipper vs pullover, a pullover hoodie is most likely to fit you flawlessly because of the variable size options that you have for it. Simply wearing a fitted pullover hoodie can highlight your body shape, whereas no matter how fit you get your zipper or how much it is to your size, a zipper will always radiate a “baggy” look. 

Warmth & Comfort

Both a hoodie and a zipper are clothing items specific to winter. So, a factor that can help you pick one from zipper hoodies vs. pullover hoodies can be the extent to which they offer warmth or how keen these items are at ensuring you remain warm and guarded against a cold and harsh winter storm. 100 percent cotton hoodies wholesale, either in pullover or zipper, is perfect for the winters! 

Although zipper hoodie lovers are adamant in claiming that there is no difference in the warmth provided by zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies, especially when the zipper is zipped up, with all due honesty, there is!

Despite one having the zip of their zipper hoodie closed and sealed, the wind does enter through the tiny holes of the zip line, and it is something inevitable that is bound to happen. However, a pullover hoodie provides more warmth than a zipper through its clean, un-edited, and un-cropped look.

Even with comfort in zipper vs. pullover, the pullover hoodie takes the lead as these hoodies often come in pure materials or hoodies are lined with plush or sherpa fabric. But again, proponents of a zipper counter the comfort argument of a hoodie by claiming that a zipper is more comfortable because it provides the ease of controlling the comfort and the warmth. 

You zip up, you are warmer, and when you zip down, you can lessen the warmth and increase the comfort of laying and moving in any direction without hindrance.  

Practicality & Versatility

People opt for zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies because they are practical for use and effortless to style. However, with versatility, there are differing opinions.

As the name of a pullover hoodie implies, this garment has to be pulled over through the head, which means that if, when going out, you make the mistake of styling your hair first and then wearing the hoodie, good luck in making sure you get the hoodie on without ruining your hair. Especially when it comes to custom university hoodies

This is where the pullover hoodie loses some of its versatility points. If we had kept the same case scenario in front of us but changed the garment from a hoodie to a zipper, the zipper would have ensured that the hair remained perfectly sculpted. 

Another concern raised by opponents of a pullover hoodie is how a hoodie can often be suffocating. When an individual feels claustrophobic, there is no way for them to escape the situation. Instead, they are under the duress of bearing with the suffocation.

However, with a zipper hoodie, an individual always has the option to open up the zipper or even take off the zipper hoodie entirely if such a situation ever arises. 


Evidently, both zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies have pockets. Although sometimes a hoodie may lack a pocket, for zippers, pockets are those companions of the garment that will always be present no matter what kind of zipper (polyester/ cotton/ fleece) you purchase.

Even for pockets, the point of view for zipper hoodies vs pullover hoodies differ. While it is true that a pullover hoodie’s pocket, situated in the center of the hoodie, is more spacious, some people argue that they look akin to an “ugly sack” and ruin the look of the hoodie. Black hoodies wholesale are a popular color options for unique designs! 

On the flip side, the same pockets, when placed on both sides of the zipper, add to the comfort and the original look of the zip-up hoodie. Also, despite not being really spacious, they provide adequate space for storage and are ideal places for warmth when looking to sneak hands in a place to keep them warm. 


Discussing the zipper hoodie’s most highlighted and distinct feature- the zip. Zip, too, has received a mix of opinions, with some people conceiving it as a testament of comfort, whereas others only regard it as a nuisance. 

All those who favor purchasing a zipper over a pullover hoodie argue for a zip to be that component of the hoodie that provides flexibility. Anytime one wants, one can close the zip or keep the zip open (when wearing a fancy shirt that needs to be shown off).

However, opponents of a zipper have reasonable arguments for despising a zipper: the zip is impractical. Not only are there probable chances of the zip getting stuck in the lining, but it also often gets stuck in the washing machine or with other shirts or turtle necks worn underneath the zip-up hoodie. 

Conclusion of Pullover vs Zipper Hoodies!

Now, with all the differences between zipper hoodies vs. pullover hoodies stated in front of you, the only way through which you can decide is by weighing your options- is that you want to retain a classic look (pullover hoodies) or go for comfort (zipper).

Whatever you decide, Faisalabad Fabric Store is here to add a touch of customization to your garment. Whether it be pullover hoodies or zipper hoodies, we customize:

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