What is a fleece hoodie? A comprehensive guide!

what is a fleece hoodie

If you are looking for a wardrobe staple that will withstand the summer breeze and the winter chill, fleece hoodies fabric is all the way to go.

A fleece hoodie is a win-win situation because you look stylish and feel warm and comfortable. The versatile garment is an ideal companion for hitting the gym, lounging at home, and layering when in the mood for an outdoor adventure.

Fleece hoodie fabric transcends all ages and genders and is, in fact, the perfect testament to timeless fashion. However, if you are wondering, what is it about this fabric that makes it so noteworthy and distinct? Let’s find out!

What is a fleece Hoodie? 


Fleece is a man-made, synthetically produced fabric typically manufactured from polyester fibers. Originally, fleece had been developed as an alternative wool material and designed to unmistakably and perfectly replicate wool’s properties.
Apart from the only underlying difference, which is that fleece is made from plastic, whereas wool is obtained from sheep fur, nothing else can distinguish the two fabrics. Whether the warmth or the lightweight, both fleece and wool serve the same purpose. You surely don’t want to miss an avant-garde brand offering fleece hoodies!

However, we would argue on the contrary to say that fleece hoodie fabric is a much more useful material as it is more durable, has an extraordinary moisture-wicking ability, and because of its composition allows it to retain more air, offers more insulation, guaranteeing to keep anyone wearing a fleece hoodie cozy throughout the winter. It’s best for 100 percent cotton hoodies wholesale!

Also, if you worry that you’ll be wearing your synthetically produced fleece hoodie fabric at the cost of endangering the environment, there is an eco-friendly variant of fleece. This eco-friendly fleece hoodie fabric is made of recycled polyester garments and plastic bottles, thus being your perfect option for advocating and embracing sustainable fashion.

The Different Types Of Fleece Hoodies Fabric

Although there are multiple trendy, colorful, and poppy fleece hoodie designs that you will encounter in the market, what is admirable about your fleece hoodie is the different options of fleece hoodie fabric that you have the option to opt for. 

There are a lot of different kinds of sub-variants for fleece hoodie fabric, which vary in texture, warmth level, and suitability for your everyday activities. This means that you can own a fleece hoodie for every occasion! 

Micro Fleece

As the name of this fleece hoodie fabric variation implies, it is thin and lightweight, making it an ideal material for all the times you would want to layer up. Compared to other kinds of fleece, though microfleece is thin, it will still provide adequate insulation to keep you warm through the early spring and fall. 

Polar Fleece

Due to its medium weight, polar fleece is the most common type of fleece hoodie fabric variant. A fleece hoodie made of polar fleece will be suitable for various activities and in differing weather conditions, such as when the weather is warm but not too warm, like the beginning of winter. Black hoodies wholesale is a popular color option for winters! 

Wearing a polar fleece hoodie for outdoor activities at this time is your optimal option because it will absorb moisture and also keep you warm enough. Especially custom hoodies Vancouver should be your go to option when in Canada! 

Sherpa Fleece

Wear a fleece hoodie made of sherpa to bear the crucial, cold winter winds. Sherpa fleece is one of the heaviest fleece variants, and because of its multiple plush linings, you are bound to feel the warmest in this fleece hoodie fabric.

Heathered Fleece 

Want to give your everyday fleece hoodie fabric a fashionable touch? Go for a fleece hoodie composed of heathered fleece, a combinational blend of threads that gives the fabric a textured look.

Now, every day, you will look iconic but at the same time feel comfortable and, of course, warm!

Double-sided Fleece

If you are a sport or a fitness enthusiast and never compromise on missing out on your outdoor run, a double-sided fleece hoodie will be your truthful partner. 

This is because this fleece hoodie fabric variant has a smooth texture but is also keen at providing balanced insulation, implying that even after the run, you will feel warm, but not too warm that could be suffocating. 

Why Choose Fleece Hoodies – Unique Features & Advantages!

With your many options for a hoodie fabric material, why is that we are so adamant about convincing you to pursue a fleece hoodie? This is because of the several unique features and advantages that this fleece hoodie fabric has to offer. 

You may not realize it now, but with time and by wearing a fleece hoodie every day, you will eventually realize the right choice that you made by trusting our word. 

Moisture Wicking 

While other materials like polyester, cotton, and wool fail to absorb moisture, your fleece hoodie has excellent moisture-wicking qualities. It does not matter what outdoor activity you wear your fleece hoodie to, because it will absorb away all moisture, you won’t feel sweaty, and your hoodie will be breathable. 

Also, not only will your sweat disappear in your fleece hoodie fabric, but even when you wash the hoodie and let it out to dry, it will dry quickly and in no time. 

Water Resistant 

Agreeably, it is not that you will be wearing your fleece hoodie when it rains, but rest assured, even when you accidentally find yourself amid such a situation, your fleece hoodie fabric will not disappoint. Instead, it will come to your rescue and ensure that, despite the rain, the fleece hoodie material remains renewed. 

Similarly, because the fleece hoodie material is efficient, it will not trap water; instead, any water that comes in touch with the surface will slide off. So, if you are hiking, do not forget to pack your fleece hoodie with you; we’d say pack the hoodie first and then the rest!  

Comfortable and Cost-Effective

As discussed earlier and throughout the article, all different fleece hoodie fabric variants are comfortable. Each variant of a fleece hoodie has something unique to offer, whether it be its extreme warmth to keep you calm in winter or it’s lightweight to feel breathable and for you to layer. Due to its comfort level most of custom university hoodies prefer fleece fabric! 

However, another added benefit of comfort is that it is cost-effective. Unlike when purchasing hoodies from other materials, you will not have to spend much on fleece hoodie fabric. Faisalabad Fabric Store offers many fleece hoodie fabrics and customizations of color, size, and design of your choice!

 Fleece Hoodies Designs

While all the unique features we have previously discussed have been precisely for the fleece hoodie fabric, considering the designs and variations you get for the hoodie itself are abundant. Whatever your style preference, there will be fleece hoodie designs to accommodate you.

Some of the most common fleece hoodie designs entail pullover hoodies, oversized hoodies, tie & dye hoodies, zipper, sleeveless hoodies, textured fleece hoodie fabric, sherpa lined fleece hoodies, and graphic hoodies. If you’re interested in various designs look, then don’t forget to read different hoodies styles blog!

At Faisalabad Fabric Store, you are never going to run out of options to choose from. When you feel like spicing up your fleece hoodie designs with a subtle touch of personalization, we will always be glad to assist you with hand embroidery, digital printing, and HD printing. 

Maintainance And Washing Tips For Your Fleece Hoodies

Lastly, we want to conclude today’s article by giving you some maintenance and washing tips. Fleece hoodie fabric is very durable, but if you are looking to further prolong your fleece hoodie’s longevity, follow our tips!

  • Before putting your fleece hoodie in a washing machine, turn the hoodie upside down so that the exterior fleece hoodie fabric is protected and not bleached or damaged by the washing detergent. 
  • To prevent color fading and shrinkage of the fleece hoodie fabric, a tested and tried tip, the one that we can vouch for, is to wash the fleece hoodie in cold water. Do not use warm or hot water for washing because it will not let the hoodie maintain its softness. 
  • Wash your fleece hoodie with a gentle detergent or surf. Avoid using a surf with harsh chemicals, as it can ruin the fibers, minimizing the hoodie’s insulating qualities.
  • Whenever washing fleece hoodie fabric, do not use chemical softeners. The material is very soft; using chemical softeners will only subtract from the fleece hoodie’s softness and not add to it.

Let the fleece hoodie air dry in a clean place instead of using a washing machine’s dryer.

Discuss Your Fleece Hoodies Printing Options With Us!


The logo of your chosen university hoodie designs will be embroidered using the latest embroidery machines, supervised by experts. As a result, you will purchase top-quality, simplistic hoodie designs with a refined and neatly crafted logo.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a technique that involves transferring ink through a mesh screen to create a durable and vibrant design. Regardless of the times you wash your hoodie, the design will not fade because Faisalabad Fabric Store uses top-tier screens to guarantee exceptional printing quality to all our customers. 

HD Digital Printing

HD digital printing is similar to your standard digital printing, but the only difference is that images printed in HD will be more evident and have a high resolution. Again, no matter the wear and tear and the washes, the image will remain bright without fading color.